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Why don't Squid and Octopus Get More Love?

Will and Mango dive deep to uncover the greatest facts about Octopuses, Squid and Jellyfish. Learn the proper octopus throwing etiquette for Red Wings games, why whales are so good at defeating Giant Squid, and why Oclantis ranked #1 on our list of 2017's Greatest Octopus Cities. Featuring Spineless author Juli Berwald.

How did the Sears catalog take over the world?

Both companies started as innovative retailers-- shops without storefronts. But is Amazon unintentionally following Sears' path 100 years later? Will and Mango explore the genius and pitfalls of the early Sears business, while sorting through the weirdest products in the celebrated catalog.

9 Ridiculous Thanksgiving Facts to Pass Around the Table

From Big Bird's shameful secret to one American president who hated the holiday, Will and Mango share some of the weirdest facts they could find. Featuring FoodStuff's Lauren Vogelbaum.

Was Mister Rogers the Best Neighbor Ever?

From the real reason Mister Rogers used to wear sneakers on the show to why Ella Fitzgerald's band members used to tune in to the last 5 minutes of every show, Will and Mango pay tribute to one of our favorite humans, Mr. Fred Rogers. Featuring journalist Tom Junod.

Are Truckers the Backbone of the US Economy?

There's no doubt that truckers are underappreciated. From the mom and pop trucks that haul milk from local dairies to the long-distance married couples who tag team driving cross-country, Will and Mango take a peek under the industry's hood. Plus, we rewind back to a time when truckers were America's folk heroes. Featuring Roger Chappalear.

9 Hilarious Monuments (probably) not worth the Road Trip

We know these statues are supposed to be art, but they also kind of feel like mistakes. Will, Gabe and Mango discuss some colorful and confusing tributes... and the ridiculous stories behind them!

Who Was the Woman Behind American Codebreaking?

Every week, the FBI, CIA and Treasury Department would show up to Elizebeth Friedman's door and hassle the mother of two-- not for any crime, but because she had an insane talent: she solved puzzles to protect America. Meet the Quaker poet who caught gangsters, defeated Nazis and unlocked a new world of Codebreaking in this episode-long interview with "The Woman Who Smashed Codes" author Jason Fagone.

What are the Greatest Cookbooks on American Shelves?

Cookbooks have come a long way from their Mesopotamian origins. Will and Mango try to pinpoint the Joy in Joy of Cooking, peek inside the world of cookbook ghostwriters and debate whether an official Titanic cookbook is better than the one from Coolio (it isn't.) Featuring “Leave Me Alone with the Recipes” editor Sarah Rich.

How Big is Amazon?

We all know Amazon.com started as a bookseller, that’s now a grocery store and personal assistant and online streaming service. But how did this Seattle start-up outlast the hundreds of other online stores that started at the same time? Will and Mango take a look under the hood to explore the secret ways Amazon hopes to dominate the future.

Introducing Movie Crush

Episode two of Movie Crush is a very special one. Comedian Tig Notaro dropped in minutes after a very important, life changing phone call to chat with Chuck about the movie Mask. Have a listen! And don't forget to subscribe.

Is China the Next Green Superpower?

China is going all in on green technologies. Banks are slowing down the investment in domestic coal mines. People are buying more electric cars than anywhere else. And the country is investing in wind, solar and hydro power unlike any other nation. They're also doubling down on nuclear energy. But what's the end goal? Is this environmental movement really about pleasing the middle class and clearing out the smog? Or is China just positioning itself for economic success?

9 Mustache Facts to Kick off Movember!

From the super strange reason Burt Reynolds grew a mustache to why you need to invest in a mustache spoon, Will and Mango chat all about facial topiaries with their good pals Yves and Alex.

What are the only 10 Foods You'd Need to Survive?

We have ZERO intention of eating less food! But if you had to pare down your pantry to the bare minimum, what are the only foods you'd need to survive? Is an all potato diet healthy? Plus, Will and Mango discuss the Woodstock for Fruit Lovers; why the Elderberry might be the most overlooked berry, and did Steve Jobs' strange diet affect his business decisions? Featuring Spudfit.com's Andrew Taylor

What's Everyday life like on Antarctica?

From plumbing to catering, everything’s a little harder in Antarctica. Will and Mango dive into everyday life on The Ice. Plus, we talk glamping on the continent, why the South Pole pole moves every year, and why the Antarctica only has one ATM. Featuring all-star Antarctica Artist-in-Residence Jynne Dilling Martin.

9 Halloween Facts to Stuff in your Pillowcases!

In Iowa, you can't just show up on your neighbor's doorstep with a costume... kids have to work for the treats! Will, Mango and Gabe scour for the sweetest Halloween facts they can find in this special 9 Facts.

What's so great about Canada? (Spoiler: Lots of things!)

Grab your sleeping bags and hop in the station wagon… we’re off to Canada! Will and Mango take a whirlwind tour through America’s hat as we make pit stops at a jail for delinquent bears, a single’s scene for Canada’s most eligible snakes and a bar pouring the nation’s strangest cocktail. Featuring superstar astronaut Chris Hadfield.

What are the World’s Worst Jobs?

From being Saddam Hussein’s body double to being a whale snot collector there’s a whole world of jobs our guidance counselors thankfully forgot to tell us about. Will and Mango take a deep dive into things you probably don’t want to do for a living. Featuring the New York Review of Comics’ Lucas Adams.

9 Disney Facts to Work into Conversations Immediately!

That time Richard Nixon got kidnapped at Disney, why John Lennon had bittersweet memories of his Disney hotel, and other stories you (probably) haven’t heard. Featuring HowStuffWork.com’s Allison Loudermilk.

Why don't we use Rockets to Send Mail Anymore?

When Ben Franklin took over the US Postal Service, he couldn’t have predicted the crazy ways the institution would evolve. From pneumatic tubes to missiles filled with mail, Will and Mango dig into the post office's weirdest experiments, while discussing why Olympic athletes can no longer mail themselves home when they lose a wallet. Featuring Nancy Pope of the National Postal Museum.

Why are we so Nostalgic for Sugary Breakfast Cereals?

Is Cap'n Crunch Really a Captain? Is the Silly Rabbit using psychological tricks on kids? And why did everyone stop putting prizes in cereal boxes? Will and Mango take a trip down memory lane, exploring why America is so nostalgic for those sugary sweet breakfast treats. Featuring Cereal Time TV's Gabe Fonseca.