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9 Facts to Get You in the Apple-Picking Mood

From the most heavy metal apples out there, to the reason New York City transitioned from a New Orange to the Big Apple, to the insane lengths Japanese farmers go to to grow the perfect apple, Will and Mango pluck some the best apple stories they can find.

Introducing: Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe

What could have caused the Big Bang, and what came before it?

Secrets from the World’s Most Unique Airports

Which airport should you hang out at if you want to meet a mini-horse? Why is the art in the Denver Airport so evil? And are TSA agents more likely to search you if you're carrying an Almanac? Will and Mango investigate.

The Controversial Origins of Famous Dance Moves

Why do we square dance in class? Where did Madonna learn to vogue? Did David Bowie actually inspire Michael Jackson's dance moves? And what does the Chicken Dance have to do with skiing? Will and Mango get to the bottom of the biggest dance mysteries.

9 Genius-Approved Ways to Avoid Writer's Block

Okay, maybe some of these tricks aren't that genius (building your office on a giant Lazy Susan, for instance). Dig in as Will and Mango investigate the tricks artists have used to claw their way out of creative slumps.

What are the Strangest Mating Habits in the Animal Kingdom?

Why does a female camel need to see a gross neck bubble before she'll swipe right? Why do bald eagles need to hug it out before they decide they're right for one another? And what do tennis grunts have to do with any of this? Will and Mango take a look at the world's strangest dating techniques, all plucked from Animalia.

How do you Build a Civilization from Scratch?

If your time machine got jammed in the past, what would you need to rebuild all of modern civilization? Mango sits down with Ryan North, author of the new book How to Invent Everything, to talk about how to make soap, why leeches were pretty useful for a very short period, how to invent a better horse harness, and why windmills just might be superior to waterwheels. Oh, and how to understand all of Western religion and philosophy through high-fives.

Fan Favorite: Will we ever Travel Faster than Light Speed?

In honor of the new show, Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe, Will and Mango revisit some of their favorite questions: What is Quantum Teleportation? Are we all swimming in Dark Matter? And why are scientists so obsessed with smashing particles together? And we've got astrophysicist Daniel Whiteson, co-author of the wonderful new book We Have No Idea, ready to answer them all. Buckle up!

Daniel & Jorge Explain the Universe starts September 25th.

What's the Secret Science Behind Whales?

Will and Mango pester their pal Nick with all their whale questions: Why are whales so large? How do they sustain those massive bodies? And also-- why do they have belly buttons? Featuring Nick Pyenson, author of Spying on Whales and curator of marine mammal fossils for the Smithsonian.

Inside the Secret World of Hotel Operations

Will and Mango check out the strangest requests ever fielded at hotels. Plus, they look into how you can tell if your concierge is part of a secret society, why you probably shouldn’t use the glass cups in your room, and why you should always (always) book a hotel room that comes with a Dingle.

Introducing: Stuff To Blow Your Mind

How can humanity ever hope to thrive without Earth if it can’t even function without its morning cup of coffee? Fortunately, engineers have devised increasingly practical means of brewing and sipping coffee in space -- neither of which are easy feats in microgravity. Join Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick for a consideration of space coffee and be sure to subscribe to Stuff To Blow Your Mind wherever you get your podcasts.

How Did LEGO Take Over the World?

Will and Mango brick-roll the show with questions about LEGO: What are the most amazing things to be built from LEGO bricks? How have they been used to solve real-world problems? And why should you never ever pluralize it as LEGOs?

What are the Greatest Stories from the Appalachian Trail?

Ever since Bill Bryson wrote A Walk in the Woods, Will and Mango have been fascinated with the Appalachian Trail. But who was the first person to actually hike the path? What is a Trail Angel? And will hiking the path actually take you through Norway one day?

9 Outrageous Stories about Cars

From the funniest, most ridiculously cursed Porsche on record to the car that infuriated Houdini, Will and Mango test-drive some ridiculous car stories.

What is time? And why do we rely on Greenwich for it?

It's about time! From the birth of time zones, to the invention that made us rethink time travel, to the location of the world's largest cuckoo clocks, Will and Mango usher you into a very, very brief history of time.

Fan Favorite: Is Exercising to Lose Weight a Myth?

Usain Bolt can scarf down 47,000 calories worth of chicken nuggets and look great, while some dieters work out 4 hours a day and never shed a pound. So is exercising to lose weight a big scam? And what does Calvin Coolidge's exercise horse have to do with it? Featuring Dr. Herman Pontzer.

9 Unusual Instruments Worth Trumpeting About

From musical instruments that run on explosions and gasoline, to why every party needs at least one Sousaphone-player, Will and Mango discuss 9 instruments they don't want their kids practicing inside the house. 

What's the Science Behind Introverts?

Are extroverts happier than introverts? Is coffee bad for an introvert's brain? And does your personality type make you more likely to be arrested? (Spoiler: it does!) Will and Mango take a closer look at the secret talents lurking inside your friendly neighborhood introvert.

Fan Favorite: What are the most Surprising Jobs at the White House?

Who decided there should be a beekeeper on staff at the White House? Who manages the First Family's budget and makes sure they're paying for their own toothpaste? And can you just find these job postings on Craigslist? Will and Mango look at some of the most surprising non-political jobs in the White House. Featuring Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown.

9 Surprising Ways Celebrities Made Money

From Lyndon Johnson's ultra-smooth money-making scheme to Akoin's surprising African investments, Will and Mango discover the weird ways some famous people have filled their piggybanks.