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Is your Grocery Store Trying to Manipulate You? (Plus, how a Piggly Wiggly inspired the Hoggly Woggly)

Join Gabe and Mango as they trace the birth of the supermarket and answer tons of ridiculous questions along the way. From why flexing your arm is terrible for impulse shopping, to the reason North Korean spies train in grocery stores, to how Johannes Kepler made the world better for grocers, we've got tons of facts to load up your cart with.

What are the Secrets of the World’s Largest Birds?

Is Florida the birthplace of ostrich racing? Why do male Emperor penguins get an extra stomach flap? And why should you be extra wary of a loose Cassowary? Mango and Gabe run through their biggest questions about the world’s biggest birds.

9 Weird and Incredible Rule Changes

Is aiming for your opponent's caddy a good strategy in golf? Did old-timey baseball umpires really sit in rocking chairs? And why are there 8-pointers in North Korean basketball? Will and Mango explore the hilarious ways games ought to be played.

Fan Favorite: Are we in the middle of a Rudeness Epidemic?

After author Danny Wallace received the world's worst customer service (and possibly the world's worst hotdog) from a hotdog vendor, he decided to search for the root cause of rudeness. Danny joins Will and Mango on this week's episode to talk about snarky celebrity judges, why surgeons are in dire need of a rudeness vaccine (it's for our own safety!), and how one politician effectively fought rudeness... with mimes!

What's the Science of Changing Someone's Mind?

As the world becomes more and more polarized, and people become more entrenched in their ideas, Will and Mango explore how we can find consensus, and what the science tells us about shifting public opinion. Plus, we look at how Heinz's disastrous attempt to change Australia's opinion on condiments and why it took such a long time for the pie chart to catch on.

9 Incredible Inventors You'll Want to Meet

From houses the clean themselves to how a merry-go-round helped Eggo's waffle business grow, Will and Mango explore the world of hobbyist inventors and the incredible ideas they brought forth.

How did Nickelodeon Revolutionize Television?

Spoiler: it involves lots of slime! Will and Mango explore the channel's early history from how Double Dare horrified the sanitation department, the (savvy) reason one TV show never used purple, and why a channel that had no business getting into cartoons staked their business on 3 groundbreaking shows.

What are the Movie Industry's Biggest Secrets?

Why do movie theaters limit their audiences to 299 seats? Did dishware really save the movie industry? And why is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider considered a Hollywood masterpiece? (spoiler: it has nothing to do with the plot!) Grab your popcorn and turn off your ringers as Will and Mango head to the movies.

9 Soccer-ish Facts about the World Cup

Can a daily banana basket help players feel less homesick? Should goalies be given more bathroom breaks? And did Kim Jung-Il invent a top secret technology to guarantee more wins? Will and Mango share some strange facts about soccer's biggest tournament.

What’s so special about Twins?

What’s the timing in the womb that leaves some twins  conjoined? Where did the idea of evil twins and doppelgängers come about? And how does facial recognition technology work when you look so alike? Will and Gabe answer some of your biggest questions about twins.

Fan Favorite: Why are we so Nostalgic for Sugary Breakfast Cereals?

Is Cap'n Crunch Really a Captain? Is the Silly Rabbit using psychological tricks on kids? And why did everyone stop putting prizes in cereal boxes? In this classic episode, Will and Mango take a trip down memory lane, exploring why America is so nostalgic for those sugary sweet breakfast treats. Featuring Cereal Time TV's Gabe Fonseca.

How Close are we to Curing Alzheimer's?

Scientists have made all sorts of discoveries about Alzheimer's in the last 20 years. But can changing your diet, the way you sleep, or even picking up Portuguese really protect your mind? Will and Mango take a look at the earliest cases of Alzheimer's, and discuss some of ways you might be able to keep the disease at bay.

9 Surprising Origin Stories Behind Corporate Mascots

Why is the Michelin Man white when tires are always black? What do Tony the Tiger and Christopher Columbus have in common? And why did they give The Noid a video game? Will and Gabe tackle the strange world of corporate mascots.

What's the Greatest World's Fair of All-Time?

From electric toothbrushes to Belgian waffles, banana splits to robot presidents, plenty of wonderful things have been introduced at World's Fairs. But does the event still occur, and why doesn't America host them anymore? Will and Mango dig into their favorite World's Fairs, their historical importance, and why we might not have Disney World without them.

Fan Favorite: Who was the Woman Behind American Codebreaking?

Every week, the FBI, CIA and Treasury Department would show up to Elizebeth Friedman's door and hassle the mother of two-- not for any crime, but because she had an insane talent: she solved puzzles to protect America. Meet the Quaker poet who caught gangsters, defeated Nazis and unlocked a new world of Codebreaking in this classic episode-long interview with "The Woman Who Smashed Codes" author Jason Fagone.

9 Surprising Restaurants We Can't Stop Talking About

From the greasy joint where everyone’s rooting for a heart attack, to the insanely exclusive cafe where Alice in Wonderland meets The Little Mermaid, Will and Mango get obsessive about 9 restaurants they probably won’t visit, but can’t stop talking about.

Why Are Kids So Attracted to Shel Silverstein's Poetry?

Before he was a beloved poet, children's author and songwriter for Johnny Cash, Shel Silverstein started out his career as a cartoonist for Playboy. Will and Mango dig into why you probably shouldn't read his ABC book to your newborn, how he almost got courtmartialed, and what makes his poetry so uniquely appealing to kids.

Are Dad Jokes Actually Good For Kids’ Brains?

To celebrate Father’s Day, Will and Mango share 9 of their favorite dad facts.

What are the Best Shoes for Atheists, Marathon Runners, and Criminals?

From the strangest commercial Reebok ever used to sell the Reebok Pump, to the Zen shoemaker who custom-builds sneakers for marathon runners, Will and Mango dive into the funniest stories they can find about shoes. Including why Kevin Durant better at basketball when he's only wearing one sneaker, and why one Australian's idea for Pork Chop Shoes hasn't taken off yet.

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