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What's the Science Behind Introverts?

Are extroverts happier than introverts? Is coffee bad for an introvert's brain? And does your personality type make you more likely to be arrested? (Spoiler: it does!) Will and Mango take a closer look at the secret talents lurking inside your friendly neighborhood introvert.

Fan Favorite: What are the most Surprising Jobs at the White House?

Who decided there should be a beekeeper on staff at the White House? Who manages the First Family's budget and makes sure they're paying for their own toothpaste? And can you just find these job postings on Craigslist? Will and Mango look at some of the most surprising non-political jobs in the White House. Featuring Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown.

9 Surprising Ways Celebrities Made Money

From Lyndon Johnson's ultra-smooth money-making scheme to Akoin's surprising African investments, Will and Mango discover the weird ways some famous people have filled their piggybanks.

Who are the Secret Inspirations for these Characters?

Will and Mango dig into the surprising stories behind our favorite fictional characters. Like: who was the ridiculous personality who inspired the Muppets' Swedish chef? Who was the (stinky) ladies man behind Pepe LePew? And is the Godfather actually based on a terrifying mom?

How Did Dolly Parton Become Such a Legend?

Everyone loves Dolly Parton. The American country singer has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, and her career has included six decades of chart-topping songs. But how did Dolly become Dolly? Where does she find inspiration for her lyrics? And why do people in Zimbabwe love her so darn much?

9 Wonderful Grammar Stories for Language Nerds (like Us!)

Will and Mango abused the English language with vigor as they discuss the Apostrophizer, the QuizDing, and why you should never (ever) mess with a Bengal finch's sentence structure.

What are Allergies and How Close Are We to a Cure?

As Will and Mango sniffle through their hay fever they answer this season's biggest questions: What are allergies? How close are we to a cure? And is putting Vaseline up your nose a good lifehack for stopping pollen?

What are the Most Important Moments in Dog History?

Will and Mango try to pinpoint some famous firsts, from the first dog to work as a guide dog (way back in the first century!), to the first dog trained as an Archaeologist, to the first dog to drive a car,  these are the essential stories you'll need to impress your pooch on your next walk together.

9 Fascinating Facts about Money

From the strange reason Abe Lincoln started the Secret Service to how to use the phrase Horse Blanket in a sentence (we know you've been wondering!) to the weirdest prank people used to play on Rembrandt, Will and Mango are making it rain with money facts.

Fan Favorite: What are the Most Incredible Things the Human Body Can Do?

Did you realize that when your fingers get wrinkly in the bath, there's a crazy, superhero reason for it? Or that everyone's body is covered in invisible stripes? Or that a single snipped foreskin can yield a football field full of new skin in the lab? Will and Mango investigate the wonders (and strangeness!) of the human body. Featuring Jonathan Strickland.

Who is America's Worst President?

Stand back far enough, and most American presidents look smart, polished and the picture of decorum... but not these gents! From a rabble-rousing arsonist to a fancy pants gossip, to a card-playing Do Nothing, Will and Mango look back at some of the greatest men to squander their time in the Oval Office.

Fan Favorite: 9 Hilarious Monuments (probably) not worth the Road Trip

We know these statues are supposed to be art, but they also kind of feel like mistakes. Will, Gabe and Mango discuss some colorful and confusing tributes... and the ridiculous stories behind them!

Is your Grocery Store Trying to Manipulate You? (Plus, how a Piggly Wiggly inspired the Hoggly Woggly)

Join Gabe and Mango as they trace the birth of the supermarket and answer tons of ridiculous questions along the way. From why flexing your arm is terrible for impulse shopping, to the reason North Korean spies train in grocery stores, to how Johannes Kepler made the world better for grocers, we've got tons of facts to load up your cart with.

What are the Secrets of the World’s Largest Birds?

Is Florida the birthplace of ostrich racing? Why do male Emperor penguins get an extra stomach flap? And why should you be extra wary of a loose Cassowary? Mango and Gabe run through their biggest questions about the world’s biggest birds.

9 Weird and Incredible Rule Changes

Is aiming for your opponent's caddy a good strategy in golf? Did old-timey baseball umpires really sit in rocking chairs? And why are there 8-pointers in North Korean basketball? Will and Mango explore the hilarious ways games ought to be played.

Fan Favorite: Are we in the middle of a Rudeness Epidemic?

After author Danny Wallace received the world's worst customer service (and possibly the world's worst hotdog) from a hotdog vendor, he decided to search for the root cause of rudeness. Danny joins Will and Mango on this week's episode to talk about snarky celebrity judges, why surgeons are in dire need of a rudeness vaccine (it's for our own safety!), and how one politician effectively fought rudeness... with mimes!

What's the Science of Changing Someone's Mind?

As the world becomes more and more polarized, and people become more entrenched in their ideas, Will and Mango explore how we can find consensus, and what the science tells us about shifting public opinion. Plus, we look at how Heinz's disastrous attempt to change Australia's opinion on condiments and why it took such a long time for the pie chart to catch on.

9 Incredible Inventors You'll Want to Meet

From houses the clean themselves to how a merry-go-round helped Eggo's waffle business grow, Will and Mango explore the world of hobbyist inventors and the incredible ideas they brought forth.

How did Nickelodeon Revolutionize Television?

Spoiler: it involves lots of slime! Will and Mango explore the channel's early history from how Double Dare horrified the sanitation department, the (savvy) reason one TV show never used purple, and why a channel that had no business getting into cartoons staked their business on 3 groundbreaking shows.

What are the Movie Industry's Biggest Secrets?

Why do movie theaters limit their audiences to 299 seats? Did dishware really save the movie industry? And why is Lara Croft: Tomb Raider considered a Hollywood masterpiece? (spoiler: it has nothing to do with the plot!) Grab your popcorn and turn off your ringers as Will and Mango head to the movies.