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How Do People Game the Lottery?

From the Canadian professor who found patterns in Scratch-off lottery tickets to the Michigan couple that turned a lottery flaw into their retirement savings plan to the strange reason you should hold onto any lottery ticket that has Herbert Hoover's face on it, Will and Mango look into the long history of lotteries and the geniuses who've managed to game them. 

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Every episode of Part-Time Genius with Will and Mango packs incredible research, fun-filled quizzes, nerdy interviews and a giant, head-scratching question into one superfun show. So, grab your headphones and join us already!

Sure, invisibility is about Harry Potter cloaks and invisible inks. But it’s so much more than that, too! From the way butterflies see a secret world of light that humans can’t, to the reason polar bears are completely undetectable to infrared cameras, there’s a whole big world you ought to hear about… even if you can’t see it. Featuring author Bob Berman.

If you're tired of striking out at clubs and coffee shops, maybe one of these dating techniques will work for you? From whispering into a Courtship Stick to incorporating a ripe fruit into your dance routine, Will and Mango explore some highly suspect methods for luring your potential mate. Featuring Jo Piazza, author of the new podcast Committed. 

Why Do Sharks Get Such a Bad Rap?

As beach season approaches, everyone gets nervous about shark attacks. But how afraid should we be of these Jabberjaws? (Spoiler: not very.) From the hilarious way goblin sharks catch their prey, to the strange effect AC/DC has on sharks, to why Will and Mango wish they could trade out their chompers for shark teeth, Part-Time Genius goes all-in on sharks.

Is the Earth really Running Out of Sand, Dirt and Bacon?

From toilet paper to Norwegian butter, people are quick to panic in a shortage. But why are gangs around the world stealing truckloads of sand from beaches? What should we be stockpiling? And what are the resources Earth is truly running short on? Will and Mango investigate.

9 Deliciously Frosty facts about Ice Cream

Will grapefruit ice cream cure your hangovers? Have Japanese scientists really cracked the code on ice creams that won't melt? And why does seafood ice cream make patriots' mouths water? It's a Gabe and Mango ice cream episode (with plenty of extra facts sprinkled on top!) 

How Did MythBusters Work?

Will and Mango pester co-host Kari Byron on how to build a human catapult, what the worst smells on set were, why Jamie's safety lectures might make you terrified of building anything... and how her new book 'Crash Test Girl' uses the Scientific Method to answer your biggest life questions.

Will Coffee Make Me Live Longer?

Want to know who to blame for your coffee addiction? From goats, Turks to the Archangel Gabriel, Will and Mango chase down a whole world of (coffee) pot stirrers while shedding light on whether monkey spit coffee is tastier than your traditional beans and whether coffee is good for cats (Spoiler: probably).

9 Highly Specific Robots You Need to Meet

From the robot who desperately wants to feed you tomatoes to the one that likes to hitch rides on turtles, Will and Mango explore the strange, hilarious world of robots (including at least two of them that might want to eat you.)

Fan Favorite: What are the Greatest Secrets Hiding in the Vatican?

There are a lot of things we don't know about the Vatican: How did Doc Martens become the unofficial walking shoe of the Pope? Why has no one told you about the Vatican's top-notch cricket team? Will and Mango explore Vatican secrets in this classic episode featuring Jo Piazza, host of the new podcast Committed.

Introducing Dressed

Meet the newest show from HowStuff Works. From the 1820s to the 1920s, millions of women embraced the fashion of ornamental plumage. Learn why feathers forced fashionistas to abandon their carriage seats for floors, why an egret's plumes go for $3k when a hummingbird's are nowhere near as valuable, and what's possibly the world's weirdest memoir. (Spoiler: It's told from the point of view of a feather!)

Who's Going to Put a Colony on Mars First?

The Space Race is on! With Elon Musk, NASA and plenty of other countries all hustling to get to Mars, just how long will it actually us to get there? And how hard will it be to build a space civilization? From sucking oxygen from the soil to 3D printing villages to the Dutch reality TV shows that might finance the whole thing, Will and Mango dive into the many angles of the Mars Mission we should all get excited about.

9 Somewhat Tasteful Facts about Salad!

When America declared May National Salad Month, these weren't the salads they were thinking about. Will and Mango dive into the world of Coke Salads, why successful CEO's remove olives from their salads, and how to trick a hungry kid into trading in his Sloppy Joe for a salad fork.

What's the Science Behind the Perfect Party?

Priya Parker hasn't just studied how gatherings work; she's lived it. From running conflict negotiations with high level diplomats, to making conference goers feel comfortable, to creating more intimate and memorable experiences at dinner parties, Priya's new book The Art of Gathering includes tricks and tips for rethinking your next event. Join Will and Mango as they pester Priya for advice on throwing better parties and how to get onto more invite lists.

9 Surprising Facts about Moms

In honor of Mother's Day, Will and Mango talk about what make Mom special: from why mothers' hearts are so in sync with their infants, to the moms who hold shotguns up to a gang leaders to tell them to stay away from their kids.

What do we actually Know about J. Edgar Hoover?

Few men held as many secrets as the long-lasting FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. And while he had thousands of files documenting the secret lives of intellectuals, celebrities and politicians, Hoover had no shortage of secrets of his own. Will and Mango dig into the man, how his PR genius saved the FBI's reputation, and why Richard Nixon just couldn't work up the nerve to fire him. 

Why Were These Books Banned?

Where's Waldo isn't allowed in prisons, Winnie the Pooh can't set foot in China, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear is forbidden from schools in... Texas?! From Ulysses to sinful Bibles, Will and Mango dive into the story of banned books to tell you all about the titles they don't want you to read.

What are the Weirdest Experiments in Science?

What part of the turkey are turkeys most attracted to? Can a scene out of a ghost story make you stop biting your nails? And what's the best music to play for your house guests, if your house guests are rats and they're high on cocaine? Will and Mango explore some of the strangest science experiments and the reasons they got funded in the first place.

9 Very Important Facts about Bears

Whether you're an amateur bear enthusiast or prepping for a bear convention, these are the bear facts you'll need! Will and Mango explore a Canadian Bear Jail, why Pizzlies are taking over the world, and how Paddington Bear was once the pride of Africa.