Right Now in Part-Time Genius

Do Superstar Athletes Have Superior Brains?

The scouts claimed that Steph Curry was too slow-footed and unathletic to play in the pros. But maybe they should have asked a neuroscientist? Will and Mango talk to Zach Schonbrun, author of The Performance Cortex, to understand why darts is so hard, how your skin helps you play sports, whether tennis stars are actually math geniuses and why Shaq had such a tough time mastering that free throw.

Are there Benefits to Procrastinating?

Why do so many smart people procrastinate? Is there a link between extreme achievement and putting off your work? And should you behead a roadside statue of St. Expedite if you miss a deadline? Will and Mango chat with author Andrew Santella about his new book SOON: An Overdue History of Procrastination from Leonardo and Darwin to You and Me, to discuss why taking a lazy approach to your responsibilities may not be the worst thing. PLUS: Why to-do lists might be the ultimate vehicle for procrastination!

9 Incredible Classic Toys (and How They've Changed)

Why did a cucumber that changed Mr. Potato Head's world? Why are so many Cabbage Patch dolls delivered by C-section? And why didn't Go-Bots win the battle over Transformers? Will and Mango parade through the world of classic toys, and discover how many of them have changed over the years.

What are the Greatest Things We Just Learned about Hawaii?

Who knew our 50th state held so many secrets! From the ice caves hiding under a volcano, to the wonderful reason you should never bring pork to the windward side to why we should be thanking Hawaii for casual Fridays, Will and Mango take a dip into Hawaii's history. PLUS: The most disgusting reason to thank a parrot fish!

Why is it more dangerous to be a Park Ranger than an FBI Agent?

Park rangers do so much more than just keeping Yogi Bear from stealing picnic baskets. Whether it’s outsmarting poachers, fending off the Klan, protecting tourists from gator attacks or helping tiny endangered species make their way to sea, Will and Mango celebrate the heroes who keep our National parks running. Plus, why robbing a bank then hiding in the forest isn’t a great idea.

9 Fresh Ideas in Science

If these new studies are right, lampposts are about to get a crazy makeover, Harry Potter should be on everyone's curriculum and cities are going to start importing leopards. (Well, probably not the last one.)

What Makes Waffle House Such a Brilliant Business?

There's a reason the chain doesn't have any ovens and won't serve you pancakes. Will and Mango explore the brilliant business of Waffle House. Learn why high end chefs love to hire Waffle House grill operators, how the restaurants keep open when their water lines break, and why on earth Waffle House got into the music video business. Plus, why you'll want to make a reservation at Waffle House this Valentine's Day.

How Could All These Things Possibly Happen on One Weekend?!

Will and Mango investigate one of the most important weekends of all-time. (Assuming you consider celebrations of mollusks, felt and flames as important as we do.)

How Did Wine Fraud Become Such a Big Business?

When a billionaire realized his $125,000 bottle of wine might be fake, he hired a crack team to solve the case. This is the story of a private investigator, a motley crew of geniuses, and a fine wine that supposedly belonged to Thomas Jefferson! Plus: Will and Mango discuss Prohibition wines, the Scottish Four Loko, and why badminton gave wine crimes a bad name.

9 Crazy Newspapers Worth Getting Your Hands On

This week Gabe and Mango scour the library for the strangest newspapers they can find-- from an elementary school paper that nabbed a landmark scoop to a progressive Civil War rag filled with useful lifehacks. Plus, why you'll never want to get on this Alaskan paper's bad side. 

What's the Science of Anger?

Will and Mango have lots of questions about why people get angry. Like: Why do humans all make the same angry face? Is lying down while angry better for your health? And will being angry actually make you more creative? (Spoiler: your boss and kids might be working overtime to make you more creative.) Plus, we look at the science of tickling and solve the puzzle of how to tickle yourself!

Why Doesn't Disney Celebrate these Princesses?

There are plenty of princesses with fairy tale endings. These aren't those princesses! Will and Mango chat with Princesses Behaving Badly author Linda Rodriguez McRobbie to determine which princess you'd want on your wrestling team, which princess left royalty for the circus, and which princess parties you definitely want to avoid.

9 Last Words worth Remembering

On his deathbed, Winston Churchill’s last words were: “I’m bored with it all.” What a missed opportunity! Will and Mango discuss their favorite geniuses, why their final words lived up, and how two different phrases inspired America’s greatest shoe company.

How Did Google Get Its Start?

From Youtube to Nest, Maps to Android, it's hard to imagine life without Google. But how did the web giant really get its start? Will and Mango travel back to the mid-90s to see how a horrible campus tour, some extra Lego bricks and a week at Burning Man all contributed to the making of Google. Also, the weird reason Larry Page didn't sell the company for $1.6 million when he got the chance (spoiler: it wasn't because the offer was too low!).

What's the Science of Painkillers?

When you've got a headache, those bottles of over-the-counter medicines can feel interchangeable. But the truth is, the drugs work in different ways... and each has their own benefits and side-effects. From which drugs work best on toothaches, to which ones are best for hangovers, Will and Mango explore the strange world of painkillers. Plus: why, 5 years from now, you might be replacing your pills with a phone, a pair of goggles and some green apple air freshener.

9 Incredible Stories Imported from Remote Islands

From a dangerous island the Brazilian Navy refuses to let you visit (it's for your own good!), to a place where monkeys think they're training for the Kentucky Derby, Will and Mango are scouring the globe for water-locked lands and the incredible stories that come from them.

Why do Cats get such a Bad Rap?

Everyone knows herding cats is impossible. But is it because we never fully domesticated them? Will and Mango dig into a history of cats-- from why they were unfairly blamed for so many divorces, to how a bag of clay forever changed their prospects, to what a lion's sneeze tells us about their instincts. Plus-- the number one country you HAVE to travel to (if you want a cat to massage your back.)

Why do NASCAR fans drive trucks and Formula One fans drive yachts?

Sure, we've watched Pixar's Cars a few times. But doesn't mean we know anything about racing. Will and Mango dive into the strangely boozy origins of NASCAR, why you might need a yacht to enjoy Formula One, and how driver Dick Trickle made sure every race got off to a smoking start. (Spoiler: it involved drilling a couple holes in his helmet.)

9 Rinkrinkerfink Facts about Dr. Seuss

From the imaginary daughter Dr. Seuss made up (just so he had an excuse to brag to his friends) to the remote town in Switzerland where he stole all his ideas from (it's hard to find on a map) to the one children's author he wished he'd gotten to read as a child, Will and Mango dive headfirst into the spectacular world of Dr. Seuss.

Where do the World's Best Band Names Come From?

What band was named as a tribute to their high school gym coach? Why did The Earwigs change their name to Alice Cooper (it might have something to do with a Ouji Board)? And would Chubby Checker have been as popular if he'd taken the name Chubby Chesspiece? Setting aside the quality of the music (KISS), Will and Mango explore some of the funniest, quirkiest and greatest band names in music history.