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How Chinese is our Chinese Food?

Chinese restaurants have an incredible history in America. (They actually pre-date the Civil War!) But is the food we scarf down every week actually Chinese? Will and Mango stuff themselves with takeout facts: from the origin of the Lazy Susan, to Buster Keaton's obsession with Chop Suey, to why everyone needs to make a pilgrimage to Butte, Montana.

How did Reference Books Shape Civilization? (And what will their death mean?)

Remember when Pliny the Elder thought women were cursed and unicorns had elephant feet, so he wrote long encyclopedia entries on both of them? Neither did we. From Roget to Britannica, Webster's to Wikipedia, we're exploring the history of the most important reference books on the shelves... while digging for some truly weird entries.

9 Head-spinning Facts about Hats

Why did straw hats once spur a revolt? Did Nixon kill the top hat trend? And where on Earth is Jackie O's pill box hat? Will and Mango discover some extremely important facts you'll want to know about hats.

Is Recycling Worth the Hassle?

Why does Germany use 5 different bins for their recycling efforts? Is recycling a smart business to be in? And can you really trick Bros into being greener by putting wolves on packaging? Will and Mango take a deep dive into the state of American recycling and discover some great facts. Plus, why Totes McGoats is one of the worst phrases of all time... but also, perhaps the best recycling mascot ever. Featuring HSW's Christopher Hassiotis.

What was the Golden Age of Hijacking?

It's hard to believe skyjacking was once a weekly occurrence in America. But for over a decade, planes were rerouted for ransoms, political causes, and occasionally-- for a couple of beers!

9 Wacky Facts about the Marx Brothers

From Harpo's ridiculous croquet uniform to Groucho's penchant for Heavy Metal, Will and Mango uncover 9 facts you probably don't know about the Marx Brothers.

How did the Winter Olympics change Sports?

Who's the Michael Phelps of the early winter games? Why did the 1924 British curling team just get their gold medals? And what are the greatest sports we wish were still in the Olympics (a round of Korfball, anyone?) Will and Mango dive into Olympic history and investigate how one little rule-change affected how future sports were played. Featuring American ski-archer Dave Bergart.

Is the Kraft Single America's Greatest Invention?

From elaborate cheddar heists to a Serbian donkey cheese scandal to the most sacred grilled cheese ever (#blessed), Will and Mango dive headlong into dairy to praise cheeses. Featuring Rotten’s Christine Haughney.

9 Snowy Facts to get you through your Snow Day

Grab a mug of cocoa and hit play already! From Renaissance snow angels to an award-winning trick for never slipping in the snow, Will and Mango have a special wintery mix ready for your snow day.

What's the Science of Perfect Timing?

What's the secret to making the end of your vacation less depressing? Why is it better for a basketball team to be down by a point at the half? And can you trick your kids into better math scores just by changing when they practice math? From when to nap to when not to schedule a doctor's appointment, best-selling author Daniel Pink knows there's a perfect time for everything. And he's dishing all the secrets from When, his brand-new book, on today's Part-Time Genius.

Was Sandra Day O'Connor Our Last Independent Justice?

From her hardscrabble upbringing on cattle ranch (where she tamed a bobcat!) to her incredible sway on the Supreme Court, Will and Mango explore Justice O'Connor's incredible life, the glass ceilings she broke through along the way, and what made her both such a practical and a fiercely independent voice on the court.

9 Facts About Buttons that Aren't Nuclear

Will, Gabe and Mango take the focus off the nuclear button, and put it squarely on all the other buttons out there that are feeling a little neglected.

What are some Easy Tricks to Improve Your Life in 2018?

Can smiling during running improve your marathon time? Will an old age app help you make better resolutions? And is there real science behind the Coffee Nap? Will and Mango examine big and little ways to improve your 2018, including why you'll probably need to carry a plunger around with you in the New Year. Featuring Lizzie Jacobs.

Will we ever Travel Faster than Light Speed?

Will and Mango have so many questions: What is Quantum Teleportation? Are we all swimming in Dark Matter? And why are scientists so obsessed with smashing particles together? Luckily, we've got astrophysicist Daniel Whiteson, co-author of the wonderful new book We Have No Idea, ready to tour us through the universe. Buckle up!

9 Things to Look forward to in 2018

Time to get excited! From NASA's incredible space plans to an electronic hat that's going to change a whole lot of lives, Will, Gabe and Mango unveil some really good reasons to be optimistic about the new year.

What are the Strangest, Craziest Sounds in the Universe?

Ever wondered what the Big Bang sounds like (it's much weirder than you think!) Or why Britishers are so turned off by the sound of Tasmanian Devils? From the crowds at Shakespeare's Globe to the ugly grunts of baby koalas, we're covering the funniest, strangest, most annoying sounds in the universe... and all the reasons to block them out! Sponsored by Beats by Dre.

What are the most Surprising Jobs at the White House?

Who decided there should be a beekeeper on staff at the White House? Who manages the First Family's budget and makes sure they're paying for their own toothpaste? And can you just find these job postings on Craigslist? Will and Mango look at some of the most surprising non-political jobs in the White House. Featuring Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown.

9 Cat Facts in Honor of National Cat Herder's Day!

From Iceland's hottest (cat-based) Reality TV Show to the feline that changed Nikola Tesla's career, Will, Mango and Gabe are all about cats on today's episode.

What's the Secret to Nintendo's Success?

From Nintendo's history with the Yakuza to its dabbling in the seedy motel business, the House of Mario has a much longer and stranger history than most people would guess. Hear what happened when the company tried to make knitting popular; how America's obsession with robots helped them nudge their way into retailers; and why a grabber called the Ultra Hand was the breakthrough the company needed. Featuring Ramsey Yount.

Does Trash Talking Really Work?

Meet the Bad Boy of Bowling, learn how Ivan Lendl intimidated his opponents (it all started with his sneakers!), and why Australia's women's cricket team is considered the best group of trash talkers in the world. From Michael Jordan's incredible philosophy on distracting his opponents, to which sport is considered the Algonquin Round Table of loudmouths, Will and Mango dig deep into the Art of Trash Talking while discussing some of the funniest stories in sport. Featuring Jason Who. Sponsored by Beats by Dr. Dre