Right Now in Part-Time Genius

Get out your Horsemanship Badge and dust off your neckerchief-- we’re going deep on the Scouts! From its surprising roots in South Africa, to how it kickstarted Steven Spielberg’s career, Will and Mango wade their way through Boy Scout history. Featuring Chuck Bryant.

Why Are We Obsessed with World Records?

There’s a reason records books are routinely stolen from libraries! Learn just how hard it is to grow the world’s longest fingernails; why India’s lone records judge has the hardest job in the world, and how chainsawing apples out of your mouth can lead to glory. Featuring Dan Rollman.

Your Weird Summer Travel Guide!

Guess what happens when we try to pick the top 8 U.S. museums to visit? (Spoiler: we accidentally end up with 11 on the list.) From a mecca of Kazoos to a dinner theater in a mine, here are the places you shouldn’t miss. Plus, facts about SPAM! Featuring Dylan Thuras.

Is Flavor Really All In Your Brain?

Why heavier bowls, a pair of headphones and an electronic lollipop can trick your mind grapes into making food tastier. Plus, the legend of the PB and Mayo sandwich. (And one very cute pepper to avoid!) Featuring Bob Holmes.

Who's our Weirdest President?

Will and Mango plan to build a new Rushmore. But who deserves to be on it? Chester 'too many pants' Arthur? Calvin 'Vaseline Head' Coolidge? Or just the legendary M Van B? Featuring Cormac O'Brien.

Can We Feed 10 Billion?

It won’t be long before we get more roommates on Planet Earth. But how will we feed them? Here are some of the weirdest solutions: from Teddy Roosevelt’s Hippo scheme, to bunny balls, to the miracle hiding in the Congo. Featuring William MacAskill.

Let's Build the Ultimate Superhero Animal!

Sure, cheetahs are fast, and blue whales are big. But when it comes to skills, those chumps have nothing on platypus honkers and salamander brains. Meet the animals who deserve Marvel spin-offs. Featuring Emily Graslie.

Why is Ayn Rand a Political Rock Star?

Rand consistently tops polls of influential authors. Libertarians worship her; teens can’t stop reading her. But what makes her so compelling? Also, why was she obsessed with Morris the Cat? Featuring John Green.

How Clean Should We Be?

Is our obsession with cleanliness keeping us from peak health? Also, can hookworm cure allergies? Will harvesting panda poop make you rich? And why Amish dust is superior to other dust (seriously!). Featuring Penny Sarchet.

Will We Ever Live Without Sleep?

Will thinks sleep is a waste of time. But how far are scientists from a cure? Plus, ridiculous facts about Margaret Thatcher, tips on NFL gambling and why you can’t trust science from Garfield. Featuring Simone Giertz.

Why Have Rats Outsmarted Us For So Long?

Rats are our grossest of foes. They’re also geniuses. (Respect, rats.) Hear how they foiled Pablo Escobar; why Chuck E. Cheese transitioned to a mouse; and why tiny trousers are their kryptonite. Featuring AJ Jacobs.

Is Cryonics Really a Thing?

The idea of freezing yourself for the future feels silly. But if Ben Franklin, Ted Williams and a wood frog all believe in it, should we give it a second look? Here’s how it could revolutionize medicine. Featuring Streeter Seidell.

What are the Sunniest Places to Hide My Taxes?

Need a new way to avoid paying your taxes? (We’re kidding. Pay your taxes!) But here’s how Swiss bank accounts and the art of tax avoidance works. Plus, positive things you can say about Delaware! Featuring Holly Frey.

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