The 9 Weirdest Things Intentionally Buried By People

There are the things you accidentally bury, and then there’s everything on this list. Will, Mango and Gabe discuss the weirdest facts they've unearthed about things that have been unearthed.

Are Bananas Going Extinct?

From monkey lifehacks, to Victorian shame about bananas to why slipping on a peel became the go-to gag, Will and Mango are ready to dish on the Cavendish. Featuring the International Banana Club’s Top Banana, Ken Bannister.

What's the Secret to a Better Prison System?

Something isn't working. American prisons are overcrowded and relapse rates are high. But why is Norway so good at helping the incarcerated become productive citizens again? And can taking away the walls and guards help? Plus, the ingenious scam Bernie Madoff pulled off in prison! (Spoiler: It involves hot chocolate.) Featuring Doran Larson.

BONUS: 9 Strange, Fun and Wonderful Non-Profits we Just Learned About

Whether you’re covertly adding to a New Hampshire sock collection or crocheting a pair of knockers in your spare time, there are all sorts of ways to give back. Will, Gabe and Mango put a spotlight on some unusual charity work in this bonus episode.

What will Computer Implants do for our Brains?

Scanners that allow people to type with their mind; fresh memories that can be implanted into mice; and an immersive video game that helps people regain motor control by teaching them to be... dolphins?! Computer implants are getting weirder, and already changing the world in ways you can’t imagine. Featuring John Krakauer, MD from BLAM labs.

Which Country has the Secret to the Smartest Students?

Are sneakers in the classroom bad for your education? Should schools keep investing in janitors? And why does no one do homework anymore? Join Will and Mango on an Open House of the World's Best Schools (and what works in building a better pupil.) Featuring reporter Lauren Camera.

Bonus: 9 Facts about Rich People and/or Sigourney Weaver

Sometimes you find facts about rich people. Sometimes you find facts about Sigourney Weaver. But rarely will you find both in one place. In this exclusive, never-been done before feat, the team presents 9 facts about rich people and/or Sigourney Weaver.

Why do Democrats like Coke and Republicans like Pepsi? (and other Revelations from the Cola Wars)

Will and Mango dig deep into the Cola Wars: from the official soda of the KKK, to the time Coke tried to convince Eisenhower to create a new currency, to the very best soda named after Jesus (not that Jesus). Featuring John Nese of Galco’s Soda Pop Stop.

What Does the Internet Know About You?

Most of us have given Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter a lot of information. These companies know what you search, where you live and what shows you hate-watch with your friends. But what exactly do they know about your life off-line? The answer might shock you. Featuring Ben Bowlin and Matt Frederick from Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know.

Bonus: 9 Super Facts Hiding in your Supermarket

Here’s what happens when wild fact-finders are accidentally released into a supermarket… Join us for a bonus Fact-Off, featuring Researcher Gabe.