What's the Science of Perfect Timing?

What's the secret to making the end of your vacation less depressing? Why is it better for a basketball team to be down by a point at the half? And can you trick your kids into better math scores just by changing when they practice math? From when to nap to when not to schedule a doctor's appointment, best-selling author Daniel Pink knows there's a perfect time for everything. And he's dishing all the secrets from When, his brand-new book, on today's Part-Time Genius.

9 Facts About Buttons that Aren't Nuclear

Will, Gabe and Mango take the focus off the nuclear button, and put it squarely on all the other buttons out there that are feeling a little neglected.

What are some Easy Tricks to Improve Your Life in 2018?

Can smiling during running improve your marathon time? Will an old age app help you make better resolutions? And is there real science behind the Coffee Nap? Will and Mango examine big and little ways to improve your 2018, including why you'll probably need to carry a plunger around with you in the New Year. Featuring Lizzie Jacobs.

What are the most Surprising Jobs at the White House?

Who decided there should be a beekeeper on staff at the White House? Who manages the First Family's budget and makes sure they're paying for their own toothpaste? And can you just find these job postings on Craigslist? Will and Mango look at some of the most surprising non-political jobs in the White House. Featuring Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown.

9 Cat Facts in Honor of National Cat Herder's Day!

From Iceland's hottest (cat-based) Reality TV Show to the feline that changed Nikola Tesla's career, Will, Mango and Gabe are all about cats on today's episode.

What's the Secret to Nintendo's Success?

From Nintendo's history with the Yakuza to its dabbling in the seedy motel business, the House of Mario has a much longer and stranger history than most people would guess. Hear what happened when the company tried to make knitting popular; how America's obsession with robots helped them nudge their way into retailers; and why a grabber called the Ultra Hand was the breakthrough the company needed. Featuring Ramsey Yount.

Does Trash Talking Really Work?

Meet the Bad Boy of Bowling, learn how Ivan Lendl intimidated his opponents (it all started with his sneakers!), and why Australia's women's cricket team is considered the best group of trash talkers in the world. From Michael Jordan's incredible philosophy on distracting his opponents, to which sport is considered the Algonquin Round Table of loudmouths, Will and Mango dig deep into the Art of Trash Talking while discussing some of the funniest stories in sport. Featuring Jason Who. Sponsored by Beats by Dr. Dre

What Makes the Happiest Places on Earth?

What do sauna culture, "Right to Roam" laws and all-you-can-eat buffets (for monkeys!) have to do with putting smiles on citizens faces? Will and Mango explore why some countries always end up at the top of the Happiness Index, and how other nations can (politely) elbow their way in. Featuring Suzanne Jones, Mayor of Boulder, CO.